my weather book

Have fun improving letter formation, reading, spelling and writing skills. If you are starting school, in preschool or just like colouring and writing, the My Weather Book app is perfect for you and your friends.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Step 1: create your book

Choose eight weather themed illustrations to include in your book - from snowmen to rainbows!

Step 2: choose a word

Flip through all the pages just like a real book, when you're ready to write just tap the picture...

Step 3: letter formation!

... then tap a letter to tell the magic hand to show you how to form the letter... watch carefully because it's your turn next!

Step 4: trace each letter carefully

... if you forget the pattern, just tap the letter again to get the magic hand to show you how again

Step 5: now the fun part|

When you've finished tracing, click the green tick mark - now you get to go crazy colouring in the picutre!

Step 6: Wow! You're writing

Check out your very own writing on the page when you're done. You can't beat fun learning!

Check out the other themes available - On the Farm and Everyday words!